Mt. Athabasca

Mount Athabasca is located in the Columbia Icefield of Jasper National Park in Canada. The mountain was named in 1898 by J. Norman Collie, who made the first ascent on August 18 of that year.

Mt. Colin

Mount Colin is an outstanding limestone peak in the Jasper area and definitely a true classic. Incredible exposure, fantastic views and a hut at the base! What more could you ask for on a weekend adventure.

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Mount Wilcox Scramble

In Scrambles of the Canadian Rockies, Alan Kane gives Mount Wilcox the enticing endorsement of offering “possibly the best view in the entire Rockies for the energy expended.”A fairly easy day, 4-5 hours round trip.

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The Arch

A local favorite. This is an intermediate trip for persons with either a basic rock course, or alpine rock climbing experience. It is about a 4-6 hour day depending on how much we lie around and enjoy the scenery. The Arch is located at the south end of Medicine Lake. There is about 400m elevation gain, a few pitches of rock to 5.4 and some scrambling.

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Fryatt Valley

Long weekend at Fryatt Hut. Mountain Biking the first 11 KM then hiking 12 KM to the comfortable ACC Hut on September 3rd. Stay 2 nights. Scrambles/various objectives on September 4th, returning September 5th.

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